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Make your campaign go boom!

Last month we talked about how to email market to young people. No easy task on account of the rapidly changing technological environment kids grow up in these days. But contrary to what you might think, the 50+ generation is catching up fast! And new channels and trends are proving just as relevant for this target group as well.

The 50+ generation already represents a significant segmentof today’s market and is growing at rapid pace. Most importantly, however, it represents considerable purchasing power! As with their younger counterparts, boomers and seniors also go online to make travel bookings, read online newspapers, buy property, check their bank accounts, write emails, update their Facebook status, etc… Just take a look at your own parents! Chances are, they are commenting on your latest Facebook posts on their tablet as we speak!

For all these reasons, email has the potential for being a very powerful tool for marketing initiatives aimed at this age group. But even though there are significant profits to be had, this demographic demands an adapted approach. One that takes into account the specific needs, buying behaviour and general responsiveness of the target group.

But! Before we dive deeper into the matter, we’d like to ask you a few questions:

1. Does your business target people over 50, regardless of where they are within the customer lifecycle?

2. Have you already launched any “online” marketing initiatives towards this target group?

3. If you answered “no” to either of the above questions, why not?

Convinced how important it is to address this segment? Alright, then. Time to put your marketing on the right track, for maximum response and maximum profits.

8 tips to get you started:

1. Appear trustworthy
Try to connect with your target group and show them you care about their needs. If they get the feeling you understand them, they are more likely to relate to you. Be honest and upfront with them. Don’t ever give them the idea they are just another potential customer!

2. Be as clear as you possibly can
Make it as easy as possible for them to find what they need. And most importantly, with as few clicks as possible. 1 main CTA should be enough. Don’t overwhelm them with multiple offers. It will only distract them from your key message. The same goes for your website as well. Avoid too many steps in the purchasing process, or you are sure to lose them!

3. Focus on benefits, not features.
Copy is key. The difference between this and other age groups is that boomers and seniors still take time to actually read your emails. But that doesn’t mean you can waste their time with hard, sales-driven content. Focus on how your product or service can solve a genuine problem or satisfy a real demand, rather than rambling on about features and specifications.

4. Be persistent
Following up on your initial email is essential. Give them time to think about your offer and then send them just enough additional information to prompt a purchase.

5. Add context
Give them enough background information about what it is you actually do. This generation needs to relate to your company. But you might want to keep that information for your website.

6. Support your message with other (more traditional) channels
Broaden the reach of your message by integrating other channels. And by that, we don’t mean Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. More traditional channels such as direct mails are often more effective in supporting and reinforcing your email campaign.

7. Respect their privacy
Boomers and seniors value their privacy way more than younger generations. So before you consider using their personal data, try to obtain their “permission” to do so. Otherwise you might end up with more complaints than conversions.

8. Make it easy for them to get in contact with you
Provide enough contact information to make it easy for your prospects to contact you. An email address or phone number are pretty essential. Try and answer their questions within a reasonable timeframe. They might have more ‘time’, but that doesn’t mean they have more patience! And even though the internet offers a lot of opportunities, this generation still generally prefers to deal with real people than contact forms.


Segmentation based on age offers a lot of possibilities. But it also calls for a slightly different approach than what you might be used to. In this case, for example, keeping in touch with the specific needs of your demographic is way more important than staying on top of the latest technological innovations. Get the content (and the form!) right, however, and you will soon be reaping the rewards of a well-constructed email marketing campaign!

Posted on
Sep 4, 2015