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Make your email campaigns 5x more mobile friendly

With more and more people opening emails on their mobile, it’s key to have a responsive design for your email campaigns.

The good knows: optimizing your email campaigns for mobile doesn’t even have to be that hard! Even with a minimal amount of effort you can ensure an enjoyable experiencefor mobile users. We present you with 5 tips to make your email templates responsive.

Read on and find out how to deal with 5 key issues to make your mails more mobile friendly:

1. Simplicity rules
Emails in general work best when you keep your message and design to the point and simple. And that’s certainly also the case for mobile optimized emails.

Step 1: use single column design.
By using only one column you’re ensuring your email fits the smaller screen. A two column design can also work in some cases, but we would advise to not go beyond those two columns. If you don’t use code but a template, try looking for one that adapts to a one column on mobile. 

Step 2: reduce clutter
Try to avoid extra content and clutter that may draw attention from your key message or topic. If you don’t want to cut into the content, you can also just hide it on mobile. This comes in handy when the content directs to pages that are not mobile friendly.

2. Content size matters
The content of your email should be easy to read for your contacts, no matter which device they are on.

The best way to make sure your email is legible on mobile is to apply classes to titles, headings and body. Via these classes you can resize text for any device. Make sure you test before you send out your emails, to check if all is readable and your font looks fine.

Just as important is to resize your images. For example, if images should cover the full width on mobile, apply a class that allows the images to display in this way. Same goes for resizing images to a smaller size.

3. Font choice for legibility
With regards to fonts we can give you one very simple rule: bigger fonts are better for email content. To make sure your message is easy to read, body copy should be at least 14 px and headlines 22 px. 

Also give thought to the color of your font/text against the background of your email. Many smartphone users have their screen on a lower brightness to save battery level. Keep in mind that contrasting colors make text stand out and are easier to read.

4. Make your buttons mobile friendly
After resizing your text and images, it’s time to make sure your call to action buttons are easy to see and to tap on. Text on your button can be resized as described above. It’s important that not only the text, but also the button itself is linked, so they are easy to click and/or tap on. To ensure this is the case, check if your link is wrapped around the image or has the correct size and with.

5. Optimize your landing pages
After optimizing your email, also make sure the landing pages you’re linking to from your email are optimized for mobile as well. If your contacts click through to find themselves on an unresponsive webpage, they'll start losing interest within seconds. For example, nothing is more frustrating than seeing a great deal you like in an email and then having difficulty purchasing the deal because of an unresponsive webpage.


With over 50% of email campaigns being opened on mobile, email with mobile-optimized design is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have. With these five tips you should be able to create mobile-friendly emails that your on-the-go readers will love to open.

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Sep 2, 2016