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5 marketing automation trends to spice up your marketing strategy

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that helps marketers streamline the recurring actions they set up to stay in touch with their prospects and customers.

In 2017, marketers reported that marketing automation has helped them to roughly double the number of incoming leads. That’s something we should build upon in 2018. Here are 5 marketing automation trends that will make your marketing strategy stronger.

1. Live video will boom and merge into automation
With the number of social media platforms offering live video on the rise, this has become an important trend in B2B content marketing.

Companies focusing on the B2B market are currently experimenting with the combo of live video and marketing automation. By doing so, they offer prospects just the content they are looking for and gather valuable insights on how people read and handle that content. As a result, you’ll be able to sharpen your marketing efforts to multiply the number of qualified leads and generate more sales.

2. User behavior and personalisation on the rise
As mentioned earlier, marketing automation is an excellent tool to streamline daily recurring marketing tasks. Many marketers however, use technology to build fruitful relationships with their contacts and customers. Most of those consumers state that they are more likely to buy products or services from a company that approaches them personally, by addressing them by their first name or by suggesting products that fit their purchase behaviour. More than ever, people want to be recognised and appreciated by a brand or company.

The role of marketing automation in the creation of a personalised customer experience will become crucial in the years to come. By tracking and understanding the behaviour of their prospects and customers, marketers will be able to set up and implement a successful strategy based upon those insights.

3. The marriage of content marketing and marketing automation
Nothing strengthens the efficiency of marketing content more than the combination of marketing automation and content marketing. If you want to pull in better qualified leads, better your conversion ratios and achieve a higher ROI, this is the way to go.
Marketing automation offers you just the right tools to get under the skin of your prospects and customers. Use this information to segment your different target groups and develop specific content strategies to approach them effectively.

Tapping into that information about every target group will be worth your while. It reveals valuable insights about the way they search for your products or services and it will help you understand why they use specific channels to read your content. These reports are the best way to fine-tune and invigorate your marketing strategy. In these times, this is what it takes to keep your finger firmly at the pulse of your customers, nurture your leads or influence your contacts during their customer lifecycle.

When you understand what drives your buyers, you can adapt your marketing strategy to perfectly meet their needs. You’ll deliver them just the right content at exactly the right time, which fuels and speeds up the sales cycle.

4. Automation enhances channel integration
Nowadays, your customers have more channels than ever to choose from when they want to hook up with your brand or product. And while they are using these channels, they expect a consistent brand experience. Fact: campaigns that integrate 3 or 4 digital channels, often yield better results than those using just 1 or 2 channels. Getting those integrations right is the key to success.

Marketing automation makes sure that content is spread consistently throughout your different channels and has a better impact on your contacts. It will help you gain better insights into the relevance of your content on the moment it reaches your contacts, which enables you to optimize your content in the future. As a result, you’ll be able to offer a personalised customer experience through the preferred channel of your contacts at specific moments in the customer lifecycle.
This is the true power of marketing automation put into practice.

5. Marketing automation builds user experiences and insights
User experience can make or break your product. When marketing automation does its job, it will undeniably have a positive influence on the user experience of your customers. Do you intend to send your prospects an email to convince them to discover your products on the website? Make sure the link in your email takes your contacts straight to the info that’s the most relevant to them: a whitepaper, product comparisons, user reviews, video tutorials, …

Marketing automation is indispensable to determine which info is best suited to the needs of your contacts at specific moments in their customer lifecycle. Collecting relevant data about your prospects — and interpreting that information in the right way — will help you create highly relevant content and unlock the full power of personalisation. This creates a serendipitous feeling with your prospects and clients: they identify and connect with a brand that truly understands their interests and fulfills their needs.


Marketing automation has already made its mark as a strong asset in the marketer’s toolbox. But be aware that in the future, just having that tool in hands won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Getting creative with it, will make all the difference.

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Mar 19, 2018