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Mobile email open rate hits 51%

It's official: mobile now accounts for the majority of email opens, with a 51% share. That's an increase of 3 percentage points since last October. Stunning figures, aren't they?

According to the latest stats of our partner Litmus, that increase in mobile opens mostly comes from a continuous decrease in webmail (now down to 18%) and desktop (now 31% of opens).

Litmus _graph

Source graph: Litmus (a RAAK partner)

While desktop opens have fluctuated over the year, their net change is zero. In other words, desktop opens are at 31%. That's exactly where they were a year ago. Since last year, mobile opens have increased with 24% (from 41% to 51%), while webmail has decreased with 36% (from 28% to 18%). Each environment saw a ten-percentage-point change, in essence leading to a swap between the two.


This 10% swap between webmail and mobile is a further indication that consumers are the ones turning to their smartphones for email, while businesses continue to rely on desktop email. An interesting tendency…

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Dec 27, 2013