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New marketing trends in the digital marketing funnel

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog post: The marketing funnel: A shift from traditional to digital marketing, the traditional cone-shaped marketing funnel has shifted towards an innovative digital model. The old funnel was aimed at addressing a crowd. Traditional marketing wanted to sell the masses a mythical story, convincing them that the company knew what was best for them.

Nowadays, people don’t want to be patronised. They want an honest truth, which they know is different for every individual. Not only the story is different, but the way they want to interact with your company is different as well. Let’s find out which marketing trends will become more present and will, in turn, influence the new marketing funnel.

Social media

Social media is an essential channel through which people enter the funnel. As a company, it’s important to know the different platforms your buyers use and how they use them. It has been proven that more and more people prefer content they can listen to or watch on their own terms, instead of interactive media. Podcasts and ‘how to’-videos are becoming increasingly popular. Studies show that brand videos are a good investment to boost sales.

Audio and voice technology

Another, lesser-known channel that draws people into your funnel, is audio and voice technology. In today's society, everything must be done quickly and simultaneously, so voice assistants and hands-free technology – such as voice searches – will gain importance. As a company, you certainly don't want to miss this evolution.

An important pillar of this evolution is the changing practice of SEO. If you want to make your website voice tech-proof, you need to consider expanding your SEO keywords on each page. You might add simple user questions or skip unreadable content entirely. You can find some extra tips in our blog: The future of voice technology in the customer journey.


As we mentioned above, you need to invest in SEO. Not only to be voice-ready, but also because content marketing is changing. More than ever, people are attracted by stories. By telling stories, you can make the use of your product or service tangible.

Also, these stories are similar to reviews, in that way that your customers can empathise with the characters and imagine the positive experience. This adds a layer of authenticity to your company, which only serves to increase the amount of entries into your funnel.


Finally, AI is becoming an increasingly important pillar to attract people to your funnel. AI allows you to improve your user experience, for example by implementing chatbots. The more enjoyable your website or app looks and functions, the greater the chance people want to run through your entire funnel.


If you want to have an up-to-date funnel, your communication channels must also be adjusted accordingly. In the course of time, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in a multichannel experience. Social media, voice technology, storytelling and AI are a few examples of new marketing trends in the digital marketing funnel.


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Jul 31, 2019