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New year, new resolutions: 3 steps to use the full potential of email marketing

With the new year in full swing, lean back and soak up these 3 noble intentions to take your email marketing up a notch. They're quite simple to implement and easy to keep, all year through. Are you up for it?

1. Focus on the customer journey, not the click

Marketers often focus on every aspect of every email sent, from the subject line to visuals to copy. And that's important… as long as they remember that the email is only a first step in a customer decision journey. The email is part of a series of interactions with a company or brand, and marketers should spend enough time on figuring out where the email brings the recipient.

Why invest time in email only to drop the reader off on a generic home page? Customized landing pages—which bring the interacting reader directly to the relevant topic featured in the email—can increase conversion rates by more than 25%.

And don't forget mobile: 51% of email messages are opened on a mobile device. But many marketers fail to optimize landing pages for mobile use. That's a missed opportunity! According to Google data, 61% of users never return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing.

2. Get personal

Standing out in the email inbox is important. And being relevant is essential to achieve that. The best emails feel personal, and they are.

Tailored messages based on past user click behavior, browsing and purchase history make all the difference. Building such customization and targeting abilities isn't something that happens overnight. It requires clear objectives, process-driven marketing capabilities and automation. As customer information often lives in different parts of the organization, it needs to be aggregated in order to feed to targeting scenarios built to bring the right message to the right person.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, it drives real returns: best practices show increased revenue per email (check our post on RPE measurement) by 20% up to 150% for customer lifecycle and behavior based messaging.

3. Test, test, test. Then test again.

Every email holds an opportunity to learn more about the customers in your opt-in database and their behavior.

By systematically defining clear learning objectives for each email campaign, test different items (via A/B split runs or other methodologies), analyze the data and share the insights with stakeholders, you can optimize the customer journey in an ongoing way. Moreover, it eliminates what doesn't work for your target group and increases return on investment.

Source & inspiration: McKinsey & Company


If you're looking for ways to take your email marketing up a notch this year, think logical. Just keep these 3 intentions in mind with every email campaign you send. It'll be worth your while.

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Jan 10, 2014