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RAAK launches ROI calculation tool for email marketers

Analysing the actual revenue of an email marketing campaign can be painstakingly complex and time-consuming.

To help you as a marketer, RAAK lauches a free online tool that handles the job in just a few minutes. Based on a number of figures that are at hand in every company or organisation, the tool makes an accurate estimate of a campaign’s return on investment. If you run through the short test, you’ll be rewarded with a series of personalized insights and practical tips that help you get significantly better ROI on your next email marketing campaigns. What are you waiting for? Do the ROI scan now!

The naked truth
Remember when calculating the profitability of email campaigns was still a matter of vague guesswork? Well, let’s face it: those times are over and gone. For good.

Today, as an email marketer, you want to know how to invest your budgets effectively, before you hit the send button. RAAK now arms you with a powerful online tool that allows you to screen your email campaigns, based on readily available campaign data. The result of this concise — really, a few minutes is all it will take you — ROI scan is a tangible number that can be compared to the invested budget.

Good to great
But that’s just a starting point. Want to improve the revenue on your campaigns in the long run? Then let’s take the ROI scan to a next level, by guiding you through a series of multiple choice questions related to topics like campaign management, strategy, content creation and segmentation. Are your campaigns designed responsively, which makes them readable by mobile users as well? Are you structurally A/B-testing every email you send out? And is the content relevantly segmented for each target group? Based on your answers, the tool outputs a personalised ROI report with clear insights and hands-on tips, which pinpoints where the opportunities lay to generate extra email marketing revenue.

Want to give it a go? Launch the ROI scan for your email marketing campaigns here. It’s free.


Want to get an accurate estimate of the revenue you can expect from you next email campaign? And could you use some expert tips and insights to improve the return on investment of your email marketing? Test our brand new ROI calculation tool today.

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Dec 6, 2016