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Sink your teeth into the hamburger menu

Every once in a while, when on the lookout for inspiration, we stumble upon ideas or email design wizardry that really stands out from the crop. And it goes without saying, we’re always eager to share that information with you

That’s why this week we’d like to let you in on a neat new design trick that readers on a mobile device just might appreciate. Get yourself a taste of The Hamburger Menu!

Up to this point, nothing new. You have probably seen it before on mobile websites or in apps on your smartphone or tablet. At first sight it might just look like an artistic multi-layered cheeseburger, but this universal icon is actually the gateway to your navigation menu.

Let’s face it: when using a smartphone or tablet some scrolling is inevitable. By adding a navigation menu you can make that experience more enjoyable. It allows your readers to get fast and easy access to the information they are looking for. And since you are limited in space, why not make it look good and instantly recognizable?



Since mobile devices are steadily taking over the world, we should constantly strive for the simplest and most enjoyable reader experience on all those devices.

Posted on
Feb 12, 2015