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The three stages of an email marketing experience

“It’s not just about the email message, it’s about creating a full-on email experience”. Marketers often forget that email marketing is more than just ‘sending out emails’. The focus should be on building a consistent strategy that creates value for your readers, executed via a thorough clear strategy. And zooming into that, we can define 3 stages for a rock solid campaign strategy…


3-stages-of-an-email-marketing-experience-006Stage 1 | The inbox

The primary goal of the inbox is to get your recipient to open the email. On a secondary level you can also build brand recognition via non-opened email. Which elements do you have to take into account?

From name
1) Test the use of your company name or your personal name
2) Limit the amount of characters to 22
3) Be consistent throughout your campaigns
Subject line
1) Limit your subject line to 40 characters
2) Create interest and urgency
3) Always implement A/B testing
1) Provide a CTA slightly different than your subject line
2) Support the subject line
3) Tell, not sell
Stage 2 | The email itself
The primary goal of the email is to get your opener to click through to your landing page. The key to a good email is to tell 2 stories.
1) The scanable story: reader scans through your email in seconds. Make sure your visuals, titles and highlighted words tell one story
2) The whole story: when interested, people will read a snippet of text, so make sure your copy is easy readable.
So make sure that…

1) is scanable via titles, bullets, bold words,…
2) tells your story in a human voice
3) is limited in number of characters (note: 300 characters will get the best CTR)
1) is responsive
2) uses relevant images and stays away from general stock images
3) has enough white space to create a clear and positive email experience

Stage 3 | The landing page
Your primary goal is to get a conversion. What that conversion means exactly is different for every brand: purchase, data mining, content sharing,…
Generally, these 3 rules of thumb apply:
1) Make sure your landing page is in line with your email (copy, design, responsive,…)
2) Your landing page should be the result of an action (so if you have clicked in the email, clicking again on a landing page is an extra step)
3) Personalize wherever possible and relevant. You start from a known contact, so personalizing the experience on the landing page should be a piece of cake.


Always keep these 3 stages in mind when creating an email campaign. The success of your campaign depends on providing the best user experience during every step of the way.

Posted on
Nov 19, 2015