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These 4 regular checkups will keep your database up to date

We marketers like to postpone it as long as possible, but there’s no escaping it: the big data checkup. As email marketing becomes more data-driven by the day, it’s important to watch over the quality and quantity of your data. Keeping your database clean, cleared of duplicates and incorrect or out-of-date info, is crucial for a good email marketing strategy. High time to weed out that bad data and increase the potential of your email marketing database.

Let’s get to work – here’s your 4-step checkup plan

1. Do an in-depth information check
Go through your whole list of contacts, not only the active ones, because you also want to know who has moved away from your company or brand. Also make sure you have the right information for all your contacts on file. With an increased need for personalization, targeting the wrong people — or sending them stuff they’re not interested in — may turn them away from your marketing communication in the future.

2. Keep on growing your database
Email addresses are fundamental to data insights. But if you want to solidify your email marketing, don’t stick to a ‘email address only’ database. Use the email addresses you have collected to gather more info from your contacts: full name, postal address or even more specific demographic data. With these extras up your sleeve, you can create more targeted and response-driven email campaigns for your contacts.

3. Feed your list with newbies
Make sure you’re not just cleaning up. Keep enriching your database with new valuable contacts too. Create a campaign to attract new subscribers, with an enticing discount or promo. Or why not tickle their interest and convince them with a new product or service that meets their needs?

4. Nurture long lasting and active contacts
It’s normal for new contacts or subscribers to be very active. But don’t forget to keep contacts who’ve been in your database for longer than a year interested as well.  If they’ve been idle for a while, re-engage them with loyalty benefits. It’s a great way to keep a steady flow of activity for your email marketing database and to nurture the relationship with your contacts.

In the coming weeks we will provide you with more tips & tricks on all four data checkup points. Don’t miss out - stay tuned for more!


Data is power. Doing a regular checkup on your data will give you a better view on your contacts. Keep working on the 4 checkup points above and see yourself gain superpowers as an email marketer. A full data checkup at least once a year is your best practice to keep your email marketing database sharp and up to date.

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Sep 8, 2016