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Tips for successful summer campaigns

The summer holiday just kicked off, so most people are easing things down. Have some time off with the kids, go city tripping or just do some reading and soak up a bit of sun… Alas, that’s why the holiday season gives us digital marketers such a tough time. As we see the number of out-of-office messages go through the roof, it’s clear that a substantial part of our contact database will be missing out on our communication. So how can we adapt our email marketing tactics during summertime and make sure our campaigns yield enough response? These tips will help you…

1. Test, test and test
The lush summer months are perfect to A/B test and optimize your emails. Basically, it comes down to making two (slightly) different versions of one and the same email. Then select two equal test groups and send them each a specific version of your email. Capture the response generated over a few hours and send out the version with the best results to the remainder of your selected database.

Which criteria are worth testing?

  • Which days give you the best opened rates?
    According to email experts, Tuesday and Thursday are top days to send out your campaigns. However, don’t take that for granted. Due to a higher volume of promotional emails clogging up your contacts’ inbox, your precious email might end up unnoticed — or even worse — trashed. Simply test which day best suits the contacts in your database.
  • Which moment in time yields better response?
    Don’t just take the days into account. Hours, even minutes, may prove to be crucial too. Keep in mind that email traffic generally peaks between 8 AM and 1 PM, with another significant shift upwards around 5 PM. Are there people from different countries/continents in your database? Consider adapting your email sending scheme to individual time zones.
  • Does personalisation get you more opens?
    Give your subject lines a personal touch and find out.
  • Does language matter?
    Which tone of voice gets you the best response: formal or informal? A/B test both options.
  • What’s the effect of layout on your response rate?
    A clever layout can really make your email stand out. Still, a lot of marketers are neglecting the importance of testing which layout and design elements get them the best response. One or two columns? Do you put your core offer in the left column, or does the right side draw more attention? That CTA: beneath or at the side of the product you’re trying to sell? And which generates more clicks: text link or button? Testing will give you a better insight.

    Take all these learnings with you when conducting your next A/B test. Keep track of which versions got the best results and adapt elements to see if those subtle changes get you closer to your goal.
2. Dare to experiment
Be bold, add some video. Even though it’s not supported by all email clients, by all means give it a try. When the video tag isn’t recognized by a certain email client, an alternate image (jpg or gif) will be shown. Simply link that image to the online location of the original video and you’re done.
3. Ask for an opinion
Invite your contacts to react to your content, prompt them to ask questions or have them submit suggestions to optimize your newsletter. And don’t be afraid of negative feedback – you’ll learn from that too.


Don’t see repeated testing as a waste of time. It will always be worth your while. The more you test, the more information you’ll gather about your target audience and the better you’ll get to know them. Always keep your goals in mind and adapt your campaigns accordingly.

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Jun 29, 2017