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Top reads! Our most popular tipmails of 2017

Wow, another year of weekly tipmails has flown by! We hope we we’ve been able to keep you inspired throughout 2017. Traditionally, we close the year with a top 5 rundown of our most popular topics and dive into 2018 with just one mission: to provide you with weekly tips & tricks on marketing automation, inbound marketing and email marketing.

Eager to find out which 5 tipmails were the top-reads of the past year? Here we go…

5. RAAK reveals working points in Belgian email marketing
In January of 2017, RAAK revealed the status of the strategy and the expectations of Belgian e-marketers after conducting a survey at Digital First and Conversion Day, two of the most important Belgian digital marketing events.

4. A guide to using emojis in email marketing
Gone are the days when using emojis in email was considered informal and childish. But since emojis have become common practice in email marketing in 2017, we put together this practical guide on how to use them effectively.

3. It's coming... It's coming! Well, actually it's already upon us...
Yes… the dreaded GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is coming. Time to sit down and get a clear overview of what needs to be done. This was the first of three tipmails that covered all you need to know about GDPR as an email marketer.

And when you’re re-reading this one, be sure to numbers two and three of this series:

2. Why you should say goodbye to no-reply addresses
Email marketers put effort into a recognizable from name, a catchy subject line and an encouraging preview text. But many of them forget about their reply-to email address (and the name coupled with it). Yet there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t…

1. How to keep your email marketing GDPR-proof
The new GDPR will streamline data protection across the EU as from 25 May 2018. This means that new rules will be upon us sooner than you think. These will hold new obligations concerning consent, data anonymization, breach notifications and data protection officers (DPO). Go over them once more and make sure your company is GDPR-proof.



Keep on reading our regular tipmails in 2018 and stay updated about the hottest issues and the best practices in email marketing. And as a thank you for being a loyal reader, here’s the link to our brand new 2018 content planner. Enjoy!  

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Dec 29, 2016