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Use data to take your email marketing to a higher level

Turning your email marketing up a notch actually means digging deeper into data and deeper into the customer's needs to deliver effective campaigns.

To do so, you need to explore several areas: mobile, personalisation, automation and data.

Data can be a tricky one: companies often have very large amounts of data that may be difficult to decipher. And it doesn't help that, over the years, data have been acquired using different methods and channels. In addition to that, databases are held in different silos and used for different purposes.

Using these data to optimize an email marketing strategy doesn't end with grouping it all into one place. You'll also have to sift through it to remove information you don't need and trim the database to slim it down to qualitative contacts. And finally, you'll need to cleanse it and evaluate if the gathered information matches the needs for more segmented email campaigns.

The view a company has of its customers needs to be accurate. That's why it's smarter to build your own email lists from data acquired across channels than buying it in.

Growing a list and collecting insights and knowledge from your audience is an ongoing effort. It's about collecting only relevant data via website, social, in-store competitions, combined with structured information about behavior (who reads, clicks, interacts on what kind of information) and transactions (frequency, timeliness, type of product, …). Remember that every contact is an opportunity to enrich a customer profile by asking your audience an additional question about their preferences.

It's also possible to grow your high-value customer lists through community building. Customers are more likely to share their information with you if they trust you and the channel. That willingness is even stronger when they see their peers in the same network.


Use your customers own passions — no matter how niche they may be — as part of any data accruing exercise. That deeper, more emotionally resonant information will help you do a more specific segmentation and will eventually lead to more relevant communication.

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Sep 12, 2014