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What can email marketers learn from Pokémon Go?

Whether you’re a player or a hater, there’s no escaping all the fuss about Nintendo’s latest game craze, Pokémon Go. Everyone is talking about it and nearly everyone is swiping Pokéballs to virtual Pokémons. But what’s the hype all about? And what can email marketers learn from trends like this?

Timing is everything
Pokémon Go was released in the midst of summer. Kids and youngsters were on summer holidays and had time to kill, which made it exactly the right moment to indulge in a new app/game. OK, there are other periods during the year when children don’t have to go to school. But because you play the game walking around outside, launching in the summertime, when there’s long hours of daylight, was just perfect.

As email marketers, we should also keep that timing top of mind too. Based on the data you have, find out which moment of the day and week are best to send out campaigns. And create a content strategy to determine which content should be in your emails during different times of the year. If you need a little help doing so, download our free RAAK content calendar and get inspired.

Pair old favorites with new technology
Pokémon Go maybe new, but Pokémon is not. The wacky creatures were a huge trend throughout the nineties and had their own games, card sets, tv series and films. The recent Pokémon revival is based on the concept’s success of almost 20 years ago — hello nostalgia! —and the addition of new technology: Augmented Reality (AR).

The comeback of Pokémon teaches us that old content can, given some innovation, perform great again. You’ve undoubtedly created some successful email campaigns of your own. Take note of your best practices and draw inspiration from them for your upcoming campaigns. We are not saying you should resend old “best-of-class” email campaigns, but reuse the same strategy and add something fresh to it. Also stay tuned to the latest digital evolutions and try using them to your advantage in the emails you’re sending out.

  1. Reusable content
    Not all content can be reused. There’s a difference between old content and evergreen content. Old content contains outdated info that is no longer interesting at this moment. Evergreen content, on the other hand, is still relevant over the months (or ideally, even years) to come.
  2. Updating
    If you’ve determined which evergreen content you are going to reuse, it’s time to give it an update. Make sure you filter out any dates, events or features that are outdated. For example, you don’t want to have references to Hotmail accounts, MySpace or other fossils in your copy. Also make sure your content has the latest update on how to show images. Use Pinterest boards, Instagram widgets, infographs or slideshows, rather than just showing 10 pictures in a row. Or even better: make smart use of video or gifs to visualise your content. 


Pokémon lost its appeal at the end of the nineties. Until it successfully resurrected into Pokémon Go, using the latest technology. Make sure your email campaigns are on the same level: reuse your best practices from the past and optimize them with today’s hottest digital features.

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Aug 11, 2016