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What makes the difference between ‘good' and ‘great' content

What's the difference between ‘good' and ‘great' content? Well, 95% of quality content is ‘good' whilst just 5 % can be seen as 'great'. In other words: good content has become a commodity, great content a scarcity…

So how do you create ‘great' content? Well, to push your content from good to great, you need to truly understand what writing great content is all about:

“Great content marketing is brought with such confidence and authenticity because it comes from the heart of the organization, and is presented in a passionate way, which naturally flows from your belief in the importance, truth and value of the story”

Now let's break this definition into digestible bits:

Confidence and authenticity

When you intend to write great content, you have to feel confident about every word you write. If you spend hours twisting and turning sentences, maybe something is not adding up. Authenticity is a buzzword these days, but in essence, it reflects the soul of your organization. There's no such thing as ‘creating authenticity', authenticity should simply be what your company stands for.

The heart of the organization

What is the true expert positioning of your company, what makes you stand out from the competition? That can often be said in just a couple of sentences. If your content reflects this, it will become great content in a natural way.

A passionate way

Why do we love listening to people who talk passionately about something? Because it's compelling. And when you are listening to a passionate speaker, it doesn't really matter what topic he or she is covering:  the passion of the speaker will grasp the entire audience.


Passion flows from naturally believing in your story. If you are faking interest, your story will become unconvincing.

Belief in the importance, truth and value

3 key components to keep in mind while you're producing content. If your content is built around these 3 key elements, you have a good chance on hitting that content sweet spot.


The story is the framework of your content. It's the frame, the molds, the facts and figures rolled into one entity. Tell stories from your own expertise. Retelling someone else's story convincingly is way harder than talking about something you experienced yourself.


If you're struggling with creating great content, then you are probably forcing things. Look for inspiration in your own organization and in your own passions and beliefs. The output from this perspective will most likely be the ‘great' content your readers want to read.

Posted on
Mar 20, 2014