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What’s the true ROI of marketing automation?

It’s an understatement that marketing automation is quite high on any marketer’s agenda. Although it’s not a new concept, email marketers have been automating campaigns and content for over a decade. It’s actually one of the fastest growing industries. The downside of marketing automation is that it requires a relatively high setup cost to get started. So the first question any marketer will ask is: show me the ROI.

To get you going, we checked the 3 major software players in automationto see how they estimate the ROI of marketing automation.


To be clear, it is impossible to calculate 1 benchmark ROI, because you have different approaches, contact points, industries, products, prices, … We took a look at each company’s specific approach, and got the key figures. Which, to say the least, are interesting...
SalesForce Pardot
Pardot crunched some numbers to get some interesting facts. They took a look at the sales funnel, from suspect to customer, and analyzed that automation can get 53% more qualified leads, because it loses fewer leads along the way. When looking at bottom line sales contribution, marketers saw an increase of 9.3% in sales.

In a Marketo benchmark on revenue management they divided the users into several categories, based upon their experience and implementation of marketing automation. When they compared their mature users against the least mature companies, the result was that mature companies had 79% greater revenue. When compared to the industry average, mature companies had 32% higher revenue from marketing automation.

A 2014 Hubspot ROI report analyzed real customer data to find out some key metrics about Hubspot users. Their point of view was mostly inbound marketing combined with clever automation. When looking at a full year, the numbers showed that on average they had x4.77 more leads per month. When analyzing the conversion point, the tipping point from lead to sales, over 73% of the respondents stated that conversion rate from lead to sales has increased.


Overall, analysis shows that marketing automation does bring extra ROI to the fold. But there’s no such thing as benchmark ROI, as the percentages vary, depending on your approach, contact points, industry, products, prices, …

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Sep 11, 2015