Evergreen content

Why evergreen content keeps its relevance

Coming up with new ideas to feed your blog can be quite a job. Especially with summer on its way in and an intense pandemic — hopefully — on the way out. People have been immersed in a tsunami of latest news and endless updates, like there was nothing else to read. Maybe it’s time to provide your readers with some different topics for a change. But how do you do that? Lucky you: evergreen content is a simple and obvious solution for your problem.

It’s all in the name

Evergreen content is, like the name suggest, always fresh. It never goes out of season or style and stays relevant. It's not time-sensitive and continues to drive traffic, even long after it was first published. This type of content focuses on long-lasting expertise that readers want to keep reading, rather than highlighting the latest buzz and trends.

These formats are highly suited for creating evergreen content:

  • Listicles

    A condensed form of article writing, which uses a listed structure for your content. They always contain a number followed by the topic, like for example 5 Learnings from Apple’s email marketing. They are a great way to provide a few quick tips or a ranking.

  • ‘How to’ guides and tutorials

    A great way to draw consumers in is to show you how your products work or how people can get the best out of them.

  • FAQs

    Do you get a lot of recurring questions? Compile the top selection in a webpage, so people can find their answer(s) on your site. Extra benefit: an FAQ page improves your websites usability and lowers the pressure on your customer care team.

In need of inspiration?

We now know what evergreen content is and that it helps generate constant traffic to our website. Now how do we create the information people actually want to read? As always, be sure to focus on the needs of your consumer. After all, they are the ones who need to consume your content, so try to put yourself in their position.

Using buyer personas can be a great help. These 3 tips will help you get started.

  1. Don’t write for experts

    Experts aren’t likely to be searching on broad topics. You want to generate evergreen content for a larger and recurring audience. That’s why it’s better to focus on beginners, as they need more help and guidance in search for a solution.

  2. Combine and connect different pages

    Do you already have quite a bit of content on specific topics? Why not group them on specific theme pages? By doing so, the content won’t get pushed aside by your latest news. You could draw extra attention to these posts by creating a ‘Start’ page, training guides, or list them in a ‘Top posts’ section of your blog.

  3. Repurpose content

    We are sure that you have some great ‘sleeping’ content close at hand. Adapt this existing format and revamp it to suit new channels. For example, take the top 5 learnings from your whitepaper and turn them into a short blogpost. Then use that same blogpost to point your readers back to the download page for the full whitepaper.

Okay, I’ve created my evergreen content… now what?

Spread the word! After publishing your work, share it on your social media channels. It will trigger people when they scroll through their favorite channel(s). And don’t forget to include some of it in your newsletter. That way people who don’t follow you on Facebook or Instagram also get a chance to see the content — without actually looking for it.

Are you done once you’ve published your content and posted about it on your social channels? Nope: you need to make an effort to highlight your valuable evergreen content so that it’s immediately noticed and accessible by your site visitors. Highlight evergreen posts with a fixed position or in a sidebar. Create an ‘always on’ campaign on social media or integrate the content
in an automated welcome flow. Works like a charm.

Keep checking regularly if your evergreen content is up to date, especially when it contains numbers, dates or technical details. The main message shouldn’t alter that much – it’s supposed to keep itself fresh at all times, remember — but it’s always nice to add a new insight or links to new articles from time to time.


Have we convinced you that evergreen content is the way to go? Great! But by all means, don’t forget to keep covering trendy and above all newsworthy topics too. Your content mix should be a blend of both evergreen and new content. It shows that you want to inform your readers on the latest news and help them get the information they need today, but in the future as well.

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Posted on
Jun 24, 2020