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Why you should know more about buyer personas

Lots of marketers who are exploring the world of inbound marketing are coming across the term ‘buyer personas’ in the process. Here’s a quick introduction that will help you start to fully understand their added value for your marketing and content strategy. .

What are buyer personas?
Buyer personas are a research-based representation of who your buyers are. They are not merely descriptions of your buyers, but valuable insights into what they think about, when doing business with you. Buyer personas give you information about: 

  • What your customers want to accomplish
  • What goals drive their behaviour
  • How they think
  • How, where and when they buy
  • Why they make buying decisions
This information helps your marketing and sales teams to create content that is truly useful for your target customers.

How can buyer personas help your marketing?
A few years ago, setting up buyer personas was only done by large companies. Today it is a powerful tool that smaller businesses can benefit from as well. Here are a few good reasons to learn more about buyer personas yourself:
1. Humanise your data
When you create buyer personas, you put a face, a name and demographic details to a set of anonymous customer data. Gaining insight into the needs of your buyer personas will help you relate to what your ‘real’ customers need. In short, humanising your data will make it easier for your marketing team to empathise with their target audience.

2. Gain competitive advantage by taking the guesswork out of marketing
Let’s do some math:
  • Fact n° 1: customer (or buyer) focused organisations outperform the competition.
  • Fact n° 2: buyer personas help you understand the buyer behaviours of today.

Consequently: when you understand what your customers want, you can tailor your marketing message to their needs, increase your results, get ahead of the competition and earn a higher return on your marketing investment.

3. Harmonise internally
Different teams and divisions in your company (marketing, sales, …) can have different interpretations of your buyer profiles and behaviour. Defining clear buyer personas provides your teams with shared insights and a common language when they are discussing customer related matters. As a result, your organisation will treat customers more consistently.

4. Expand your research
Globalisation and new technologies have increased the number of channels customers use to express their interests and opinions. Best practicing organisations use comprehensive research across these channels to improve their understanding of customer behaviour and build solid buyer personas.


Researched in the right way, buyer personas can help organizations to truly understand buyer needs and behaviours. Such valuable insights, used in the right way, will enable you to increase traffic and sales for your business. What are you waiting for?

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Sep 14, 2017