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Why you should say goodbye to no-reply email addresses

Email marketers invest time and effort into a recognizable from name, a catchy subject line and an encouraging preview text. But many of them forget to think about their reply-to email address (and the name coupled with it). They often just choose a no-reply email address and be done with it. But there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t…

We understand you don’t always want to get replies from all your contacts delivered to your from email address. But you may want to have a consistent reply-to email address and a separate mailbox for replies from clients. Since subscribers can easily see your reply-to email address and name once they hit reply, it’s important this email address is clearly branded and customer friendly. We even suggest you go for wedoreply@yourcampany.com instead. And if this isn’t convincing enough by itself, here are 4 other reasons to ditch that no-reply email address…

1. Spam complaints
Some of your clients may not scroll to the end of your email to let you know that they want to opt out from your emails. Most of them just hit the reply button. But from the minute they notice you are using a no-reply email address, they might report you as spam. That might not quite be the response you hoped for. And it becomes even worse. Some no-reply email addresses don't even exist. This will definitely up your chances to be reported as spam.

2. Out-of-office replies
Out-of-office replies are probably one of the main reasons to use a no-reply address. But we find it’s better to divert them to a separate inbox. Because, believe it or not, going through those out-of-office replies once in a while can give you some valuable information. For example, it may come in handy to remove contacts from your database that no longer work for a particular company. A nifty way to keep your database nice and tidy.

3. Address book
One of the best ways to ensure your emails will be delivered to your contacts’ inboxes is by asking them to add you to their address book. This will let the email client know that your contacts know you and that they are accepting emails from you. And let’s be honest: there’s no chance clients will be adding a no-reply email address to their address book.

4. Reputation
Maybe the most important reason of all is that a no-reply address makes you look arrogant. Hence: it will hurt your reputation. If your contacts see a phrase like ‘please do not reply to this email’, they might get the feeling that you don’t care about their opinion or the info they’d like to share with you.


Give that generic no-reply email address some second thought and use its intrinsic value to keep your database tidy and strengthen the relationship with your contacts.

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Feb 17, 2017