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Will these 5 trends dominate email marketing in 2017?

We’ve heard the outcry “email — and therefore email marketing — is dead” many times during the past years. And still, the predictions about email marketing trends for 2017 prove otherwise. This digital form of marketing will become smarter, stronger and more visual than ever before. With a solid focus on delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. Here are the 5 best predictions for the new year we’ve picked up lately. Use them to your advantage!

1. Mobile first
Mobile gained importance the last few years. And this trend will not be stopped in 2017. Since 2015, more than half of internet users are browsing on their mobile devices. In 2016, 56% of email users indicated that they prefer opening their emails on mobile devices. That’s why, in 2017, it will become crucial for email marketers to think ‘mobile first’. There is simply no other option than to create responsive emails, preferably with a single column design. But just a mobile optimized design isn’t good enough anymore. The content of the email should also be written with mobile users in mind. The subject line, the main copy, and the CTA all will need to be short and to the point. And don’t forget to optimize the landing pages you’re linking to from your emails as well! Google has announced they will be moving towards mobile-first indexing. This means pages with a bad mobile experience will get dinged, and pages with pop-ups and overlays on mobile will hurt your SEO.
2. Interactive elements
In 2017, having interactive elements in your emails will be key to standing out from the crowd. The most obvious interactive element is adding video. Having one video in an email can lead to a 200-300% higher click through rate. And even more impressive: by simply including the promise of a video in the subject line of your email, your open rates can increase by 19% and click through rate by 65%. It has been predicted that videos in email would experience a setback in 2016, as many ESPs did not support them. But guess what:  they are ready to make a comeback in 2017, thanks to iOS10 supporting videos in emails. Next to videos, GIFs will spice up emails in 2017 as they are supported across many emails clients. And let’s face it, they can be really fun when used creatively.
3. Less content, more quality
Remember when you could write up to 1000 words on a topic and convince people to visit your website? Well, those times are over. In 2017, we will create less content, but it will have to be of better quality to stand out. Spend your time brainstorming about original topics and creative angles instead of wasting energy on writing long pieces of content. Also make sure your audience gets your content in a second. In other words: be more to the point!
4. Automation
2017 will also be the year of email marketing automation. There will be an even stronger focus on getting the right email with the right content to the right people at the right time. And marketing automation can help you do that. This trend started already in 2016, but in 2017 it will develop to do so much more. There will be more options available to fine tune your automated campaign with, for example, advanced segmentation and time optimized sending. This gives you more accurate control over who gets which message at exactly the right time.
5. Next level personalization
There was a time when first and last name personalization was considered ‘advanced’. Today and even more so in 2017, algorithms will be applied to the behavior of your subscribers. This will help you as a marketer to see what your subscribers are looking for. And also what they’re doing after clicking in your mail. It’s your job to collect and analyze this info and send cleverly personalized emails. Also geo-targeting will become more common practice in 2017. It will help you to collect demographic data about your subscribers, which makes next level personalization possible.


Keep these 5 predictions in mind with every email campaign you plan to send out in 2017. They will help you take your email marketing to a higher level and get a better overall performance. Let’s keep up the good work in 2017!

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Dec 27, 2016